a memory of when we were amazing

can we take the same road?

♥ knocking down hearts like dominos ♥
two days in the same clothes.
katie. 21. american. california. q. feminist

it's the small things and sometimes the big things too, like roadtrips to l.a. and hot mess parties and boxed wine and three am scrabble games and prauge, lame puns and hipster fashion and samosas and the best cocoa you've ever had. it's drunk twitters and boba and too much tea, laptop lounges and bright lipstick and videogames.

it's best friends and team snrka and promises to go to nandos. it's ridiculous email chains filled with 1d gifs.

it's whatever fandom i am in today (teen wolf, 1d, the avengers, young avengers, sherlock, thor, the social network, inception, supernatural, merlin, kpop, jpop, kingdom hearts) and whatever i've got playing on my ipod this week (bastille, rizzle kicks, ben howard, ed sheeran, passenger, stars, 1d, little mix, bon iver, of monster and men, the spill canvas, missy higgins, matt nathanson, the naked and famous).

it's the future, and today i'm living it.

twenty-something and forever young